You’re So Vain, You Google Yourself!

Be honest, have you ever Googled yourself? Were you disappointed? Amazed? Scared?! The worldwide web has accumulated a lot of information about us, and we all know from the news that companies are also collecting and putting that information to use. However, have you ever Googled your company … Read More

Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room. - Jeff Bezos, CEO & founder Amazon

Brand Gossip#

Capturing Email Addresses

We've all heard the funny grammatical mistakes that turn a statement into something embarrassing, solicitous or down right rude. Omitting a comma, including an apostrophe where it doesn't belong or using the wrong version of two/to/too can certainly make you look a fool on occasion. However, … Read More

How to Collect Better Testimonials

How many times have you written a testimonial for your clients and simply have them approve it? Wait...don't answer that. In the era of online, real-time reviews, this is a dirty trick that is despised by the average, savvy consumer. However, it doesn't help us in collecting testimonials from … Read More

Pinterest Copyright Issues

As with any avid pinner, I can pin about at the rate of 10-30 pins per minute. Seriously. I have grand schemes of DIY that would last two lifetimes, more clothes on the wish list than 'Kimye' could afford and yet I keep pinning. And at the enviable speed in which I can pin, I'm not sure anyone … Read More