Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room. - Jeff Bezos, CEO & founder Amazon

Brand Gossip#

Capturing Email Addresses

We've all heard the funny grammatical mistakes that turn a statement into something embarrassing, solicitous or down right rude. Omitting a comma, including an apostrophe where it doesn't belong or using the wrong version of two/to/too can certainly make you look a fool on occasion. However, … Read More

How to Collect Better Testimonials

How many times have you written a testimonial for your clients and simply have them approve it? Wait...don't answer that. In the era of online, real-time reviews, this is a dirty trick that is despised by the average, savvy consumer. However, it doesn't help us in collecting testimonials from … Read More

Pinterest Copyright Issues

As with any avid pinner, I can pin about at the rate of 10-30 pins per minute. Seriously. I have grand schemes of DIY that would last two lifetimes, more clothes on the wish list than 'Kimye' could afford and yet I keep pinning. And at the enviable speed in which I can pin, I'm not sure anyone … Read More

Load Time Could be Killing Your SEO

You have a BEAUTIFUL website. Lots of high quality images, flashy introduction banners and cool music bumping in the background. Ok, ok. Maybe you don't have quit as much stuff going on, but if you have even one of the above happening on your website you should check out this infograph from … Read More