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Strategy for the Beauty Community

Passion and experience bringing innovation to the beauty community, with particular attention to helping artists thrive.

Where there is innovation, creativity, and inspiration you will find us. Working with companies and brands across all parts of the professional beauty industry – manufacturing, technology, distribution, salons, and stylists – we specialize in domestic and international go-to marketing strategy, channel development and demand generation. If you have an idea, we can help you find the route to success.

Experience Combined with Commercial Creativity

Paul and Valorie Tate have worked together for almost twenty years, with combined and individual accomplishments in building the professional beauty industry. From building and selling companies, to building their own distribution business, Linkup Marketing has a proven track record of delivering results. Now offering fractional executive level consulting exclusively for the hair and beauty community.

Results with purpose and meaning

With a background in marketing and demand generation, Valorie has worked with beauty technology, industry events, manufacturing and distribution and also built the sustainable distribution and education hub - Sustain Beauty Co.

Valorie TateFractional CMO

Paul Tate has built and sold companies in many areas of the beauty community, excelling in leadership and growth acceleration. Working in tech, data and industry innovation, Paul is guaranteed to be involved in the most exciting announcements in pro beauty.

Paul TateFractional COO/CSO

Be Sure Where You Are Going

Creativity and innovation that drives a stronger future.

If I had asked what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.’

– Henry Ford

Growth That Feels Good 

Growth That Feels Good 

Growth That Feels Good 

Growth That Feels Good 

Growth That Feels Good 

Growth That Feels Good