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About Linkup Marketing

When a new brand, be it product or service, think of launching in the hair and beauty industry, they may be in for a few surprises. When looking at the United States especially, decisions and actions have shifted focus - where there may have been 250,000 salon owners making central decisions we now see over 1.2 million individuals making and influencing decisions.


Peer-to-peer influence, coupled with social media and educated consumers, have dramatically shifted how brands do business. New generations of consumers and the accessibility of information have shifted the 'hero dynamic' away from brands. Who are you talking to? Where do you find them? And who do they trust?


Companies like Instagram and Shopify have disrupted sales and marketing teams and scrambled distribution channels. Industry-specific technology has become especially fragmented to service the evolution of the frictionless service consumers are accustomed to, making it increasingly difficult for B2B collaboration and local implementation.

Discover opportunities in the professional beauty industry through the lens of integrated media and accessibility. Discard old methods holding you back and unleash your potential when you identify with your audience and build lifelong brand equity.

Our Story

Starting as a digital marketing consultancy before Facebook had business pages, Linkup Marketing has always been rooted in the beauty community. Working on grassroots campaigns for salons, artists, manufacturers, and businesses in-between, our strategies always had it’s core in influence and connection.

Now working across many areas of the industry, Linkup Marketing has made it’s name as the go-to team for market entry, particularly international brands entering the US market, building a top-to-bottom strategy to scale responsibly and at pace for end goal attainment.