Women are Dominating Pinterest

While you some marketing technology that skews to one gender or the other, not many are so overwhelmingly WOMAN than Pinterest. Sixty-eight percent of Pinterest users women according to Modea, which means if you are marketing to those of the female species, you better start thinking about how you … Read More

Customizing Facebook Page Applications

You've made the switch from the old Facebook pages to the new Facebook Timeline Page and hopefully that didn't mean simply slapping a cover image on your page in a panic! Now you're refining your design and your understanding of the power of Timeline for pages and we are here to help you start with … Read More

Salon Marketing 2012 #6: Content is King

Existing is no longer enough. Having a great location helps, but it's not enough. Having great technique is essential, but it's not enough. What you are currently doing is probably not enough. People don’t trust your storefront displays as a sign of quality like they used to. They don’t believe … Read More

Salon Marketing 2012 #5: Social meets search

Gone are the days that your website guru and your social media guru didn't know each other and could operate without even knowing what the other one was up to. The gap between search engine optimization and social media has been closing for several years with Google Social Search in 2009 and a … Read More

Facebook Advertising 101

The number one question that inevitably comes up during any Facebook marketing conversation is: How do I get more fans? Valid question, even if it tends to get over valued in the scheme of Facebook marketing. However, I will step off my soap box about quality over quantity and talk about building … Read More